Love Game: The true love | Help Page

The objective of the game is: the two lovers can be together, your duty is to help them evade obstacles for them to be happy. If a lover dies or disappears automatically lose.

When two lovers kiss, go to a state that nothing affects them, if you get the lovers kiss, you win. Sometimes lovers want to be more than a single kiss, let them be happy.

Carton box
Carton Box are moved by interacting with other objects in the game, it is important to know that you can destroy touching.

Wood Box
Wooden boxes are always in the same position, can be destroyed by touching the screen.

Metal Box
A metal box can not be moved or destroyed, think of taking another route.

Simple slider
A slider will begin to move when touched, and stop when you reach your destination or be touched again.

A very useful and rare object in the game, you can move around the screen, by clicking on it and dragging.

The portals are used to transport the lovers to another point on the screen, but be careful, maybe you send to a place you do not want at times.

An extremely dangerous obstacle, when touched, the lover is burned, you should always avoid it.

By touching an ice cube, the lover will freeze and can not move on its own to find a mate. Do not worry, kiss cure him immediately.

Pass near this cause the lover is deep asleep, and can only be awakened by a kiss from her beloved.

A bubble will prevent the lover within it move, the bubbles can be broken by colliding with other objects and when touched.

Why is this here? When a lover one step, to slip and make it go faster. You can touch them to prevent someone getting hurt.


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